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Math Study Lounge
These study sheets are for quick review on the subjects. Refer to our rapid courses for comprehensive review.
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Algebra Review for PreCalculus

Topic Review on "Title":

Mathematics branch of mathematics that uses basic operations to solve expressions
Linear equations:
A linear equation is an equation involving only the sum or product of constants and the first power of a variable.
y=f(x)=mx+b where m is the slope and b is the y intercept is the general form of an equation in slope intercept form.
The formula of a slope= where and are two points in ordered pair form.
The general form of point slope form is:
 where m is the slope, and is the two points in ordered pair form.  
Polynomial equations:
The quadratic formula equals:
 where a, b and c are constants of a quadratic equation is of the form
Factoring is a process of dividing out a factor from a mathematical expression.
Common factors technique is of the form ax+bx=x(a+b).
Difference of squares: .
Difference of cubes: .
Rationalizing is the process of removing an irrational expression from the numerator of a fraction.
Order and Inequalities:
   Number line: An axis or ray usually horizontal on which real numbers are represented and ordered from left to right.
Absolute value: For a real number a, it is a if a is greater than or equal to zero or –a if a is less than zero. It is denoted.
Conic sections:
The general equation of a circle:
. Where r is the radius of the circle and  is the center of the circle.
The general equation of an ellipse:

Natural logarithm: A log taken to base “e”, is approximately 2.7.
Natural Log Function: .
Exponential function: .

Rapid Study Kit for "Title":
Flash Movie Flash Game Flash Card
Core Concept Tutorial Problem Solving Drill Review Cheat Sheet

"Title" Tutorial Summary :

A review of the basic principles of algebra is needed to build a solid foundation for the usage of these skills in precalculus. Algebraic equations such as linear equations and quadratic equations are discussed in this particular tutorial.

A review of the basic rules of algebra is introduced here along with the basic definition of a linear equation and its graphical representation. Specific properties of linear equations are shown here with the use of examples. Polynomial equations with the use of examples are presented in this tutorial along with the factoring techniques used to factor them.

Tutorial Features:

Specific Tutorial Features:

  • Step by step easy explanation of example problems: slope, slope intercept, point slope form, quadratic formula, factoring polynomials, rationalizing, absolute value inequalities, circles, ellipses.

Series Features:

  • Concept map showing inter-connections of concepts introduced.
  • Definition slides introduce terms as they are needed.
  • Examples given throughout to illustrate how the concepts apply.
  • A concise summary is given at the conclusion of the tutorial.

"Title" Topic List:

Linear equations
      Slope intercept form
Polynomial equations
      Solving quadratic equations 
      2nd Order or higher polynomial equations 
      Common factoring techniques
Order and Inequalities      
      Number line 
      Solving simple inequalities
Absolute value
     Solving absolute value inequalities
Polynomial inequalities
     Solving them
Conic Sections
Exponentials and logarithms
     Exponentials and logarithmic functions
    Graphs and applications of exponentials and logarithmic equations

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